Paintless Dent Removal

paintless dent

paintless dent

I have asked quite a few people about paintless dent removal and most people have not even heard about it let alone know the process. Why? Well it has been kept secret for most of its history by the pdr technicians, the guys that actually do the work. These technicians are able to massage dents using specialised pdr tools by either pushing the dents out essentially reversing the dents or also using a glue and pull technique. Which technique is used depends solely on access points – accessibility to the dents through plug holes and leverage points.

Most of the dents repaired obviously are those produce by hailstorms although shopping trolley dents are also prominent on many vehicles. Hailstones larger than say 2cm or a $2 coin is able to cause dents. However, most of the dents that are easily recognisable are those that are closer to or larger than golf ball in size.

Unfortunately, unless customers get the vehicles checked for hail damage after a hailstorm, mot people will not see or realised just how many dents there are on a vehicle. During the Melbourne hailstorm, and I guess any storm for that matter, customers have come to do actual private jobs  for one or two recognisable dents. However, once the pdr technician illuminates the panels with special lights, it becomes apparent that up to a few hundred dents are sometimes visible!

It is general policy that any damage including hail damage need to be repaired on vehicles. So feel free to get the vehicle checked by a paintless dent removal company.