How can I become a paintless dent removal PDR Technician?

Becoming a paintless dent repair technician is not as simple of heading off to a local TAFE. Because the industry is relatively new and it has been kept low key for so long, one would have to go to specialised companies that offer PDR training. Most of the companies offer training during the off-season (winter) when they are not out repairing vehicles in hailstorms.

One company that seems to offer such pdr training is PDR Training Australia. It offers up to a few 5 Day Courses per year and also offers more advanced training for those who have already progressed into the paintless dent removal world but requires more professional training on more difficult dents and approach to creases.

In general, a typical course is relatively short Рone or two weeks unless specialised training and integration into the business world such as a franchise or partnering with an experienced pdr technician. Most of what is offered at least initially is:

  • use of pdr tools
  • access points
  • pushing actual dent techniques
  • glue and pull techniques
  • dent size, dent count and quotation procedures
  • business set up, ethics and getting work
  • quality assurance

It is typical that a period of time be allocated to practice until well after the course of a few hours a day for about a year before one can be sufficiently comfortable and confident to enter into the industry.

To achieve success into this specific industry, the most ideal pdr technician graduate should have good hand eye co-ordination, patience, determination and also a business plan on how this long term training and practice will work into their business. Without these, there is a danger that most may not succeed into the industry.

PDR Training Australia