Paintless Dent Repair Techniques

Paintless dent removal technicians use one or more of a combination of few paintless dent repair techniques to repair vehicle panels. These generally include pushing dents and glue and pull paintless dent removal techniques.

The most important is pushing or massaging out dents using special PDR tools. Pushing out dents using these tools takes several years to master. Basically, the pdr technician gains access through various access points in the panels. The more knowledge of vehicles, the easier and quicker to find each access point.

When it is difficult, impossible or time consuming to gain access, then the glue and pull technique is used. This is where special glue is applied to special PDR tabs that generally are curved to fit the dent. When it dries which takes only seconds, then the dent is jabbed outwards using a puller. It may take several pulls in order to generally level out the panel. Sometimes tap downs are also used to push back in imperfections or to make it easier to pull the dent. This technique for some is more difficult to master but is an important component of the overall PDR repair process.

Another more recent paintless dent removal technique is the Big Dent Machine! This machine applies sufficient heat in the localised area of the dent assisting to make the pushing process easier for larger accessible dents!